Join us for a full day of learning with Jeannie Losey RVT, VTS at the Veterinary Dental Clinic of North Carolina.

We are offering two fantastic sessions, a lecture and a wet lab, to develop your skill set in veterinary dentistry.

Speaker & Instructor

Jeannie Losey RVT, VTS (Dentistry)
NC State University Teaching Hospital
Jeannie is a Registered Veterinary Technician with a specialization in Dentistry currently practicing at North Carolina State University. She graduated from Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California in 1998 and worked in a small animal private practice for 7 years. In 2005, she began working with NCSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the Soft Tissues surgery service and from 2007-2012 she helped establish the Dentistry service with Dr. William Krug. Jeannie became credentialed as a VTS in Dentistry in 2009 and has since encompassed several roles within the NCAVT Executive Board and Academy of Veterinary Dental Technician's board. She published the first edition of "Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses" in 2010 and released the second edition in 2021.


Dental Radiology for Feline and Canine Patients Wet Lab

Open to experienced assistants and technicians

4 hrs of CE: 8:00 am EST – 12:30 am EST

This will be a four-hour dental radiology wet lab focusing on capturing diagnostic images with dogs and cats. There will be a ½ hour lecture portion focusing on terminology and safety. You will have the opportunity to use both sensor and phosphorus plate technology. The goal is to capture diagnostic images with fewer retakes, reducing the amount of radiation exposure for all staff members. The importance of machine maintenance and cleaning procedures will be reviewed.

Cost: $200  |  Breakfast included

"Treatments for Malocclusions"

Lecture for RVTs and VTS mentees only

3 hrs: 12:30 pm EST – 4:00 pm EST

Malocclusions can be hereditary or traumatic in nature. There are a variety of treatment options for malocclusion. This lecture will dive into the types of malocclusions and the appropriate treatment options available. Examples of procedures to be covered: orthodontic movement of teeth, endodontic treatment options, crown movement/extension, etc. We will discuss each malocclusion and the recommended treatment options for improving the patient’s overall bite.

Cost: $425  |  Lunch included